Toy Snobs: Official Launch 7/1

The Toy Snobs launch at Florida Supercon was a bigger success than we could've anticipated. Our team worked hard to ensure that everything was on point and it was because the feedback we got was nothing but stellar!
We tried our best to make our booth feel like you were stepping back into your childhood. Equipped with a box TV, VCR, and even old tape recordings of typical cartoons you would watch on a Saturday morning. In addition, we had Hi-C Ecto coolers to get the party started! Also, any room back in the day wouldn't have been complete without a Pet Monster near by to keep you company.
Apart from the great feedback, the most exciting part was to meet several of our followers and supporters face to face. We can't say it enough, but without you guys, we'd just be 2 guys on a couch playing with our Nintendo reminiscing on the good old days.  We're happy we can relive our childhood with you and that you're enjoying this crazy ride with us.

Cheers to many more great things to come!